Contact Lenses

At Eyes on Main we provide contact lens services, and can dispense contact lenses for many types of vision difficulties, from the simple disposable lenses to lenses for astigmatism and for those of us having problems with near vision.


Generally, we will recommend a contact lens trial whenever trying a new lens on a person for the first time, as this allows a person to experience how the lenses will perform before purchasing a supply of lenses. It also gives us the opportunity, at the follow-up appointment, to evaluate the lenses to maximize the clarity of vision through the lenses, and make sure there are no adverse effects to the eye health.

When there is astigmatism in your vision, we use special techniques to create the clearest possible vision with special lenses for astigmatism called toric lenses. The result: is vision that many people find to be clearer than they have ever had before with contact lenses.


Bifinity XR
Acuvue Vita
Air Optix Colors