Eyeglass Repairs

Eyeglass Repairs

Sat on your glasses? Missing a screw, or has a lens fallen out? Drop by and we will do everything we can to get your glasses into tip-top shape. If your glasses are beyond repair, we will do the best temporary repair possible. We may even be able to find a frame that we can fit your lenses into temporarily while a new frame is ordered, or new pair is made. In most cases, we can get you seeing again very quickly.

Eyeglass Repair

Tip for repairs:

  • Repairs should be done by a technician in our store. It’s always easier to fix the original mistake.
  • Never use any sort of glue.

Are the frames under warranty? Are the lenses under warranty?

Many times we can repair broken frames, keeping in mind the severity of the damage. you may need to leave the frame with us to assess if we can repair it.

Keeping your lenses in top shape requires a little maintenance.

  • Please DO NOT use your shirt!!!
  • Always clean your lenses wet.
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe clean/dry
  • If you find your lenses are streaking dish soap and lukewarm water can help reduce streaking.


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